Mike Mason

one of my favorite quotes…

“One of the huge imbalances in life is the disparity between your daily existence - with its routines and habits - and the dream you have within yourself of some extraordinarily satisfying way of living.”

- Wayne Dyer

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Mike Mason - Founder

I grew up the youngest of three children and had a typical childhood of art, writing, bb guns and soccer balls. Having always felt an affinity for the military, I wanted to serve before starting college, so I enlisted in the USMC. Upon completion of Boot Camp, I graduated from the military version of their Public Relations and Journalism trade school.
In college, I continued my commitment with the USMC Reserves and played D-1 soccer while working full-time. I graduated with a degree in Communication Studies and prepared myself for the professional world.

I am a father and a grandfather. I spend my free time enjoying fitness, painting, writing and traveling. I live a great life.

The thread that connected my successes from an 18-year old USMC Public Affairs representative and my collegiate experiences as a Communications major to my 20-year Platinum Level sales career and right on through my 10 years as a leader in the non-profit community has been my clear and appropriate COMMUNICATIONS.
I have spent my life studying them all, mastering them all and applying them all.


Through both formal and informal instructions, I have been a life-long student of interpersonal and public Communications. As a Coach, I have worked with business owners, executives, sales professionals, service staff and even college students.

My artistic and critical eye allow me to offer you unique perspective and analysis of your communications, offering practical and creative improvements… and superb deliveries.

Master Business Coach. Fowler International Academy
Community Coaching Fowler International Academy
Leadership Excellence Anne Arundel Community College
Foundations of Coaching University of Denver
Competitive Public Speaking SVP Fastpitch
Advanced Motivational Interviewing AIM For Change
Group Leader Facilitation Fowler Wainwright Institute
Certified Professional Coach Fowler Wainwright Institute
Advanced Public Speaking SF Communication Academy
Public Relations & Journalism Defense Information School
B.A. Communication Studies CSU Sacramento

"Through the years, Mike has continued to be a sounding board for my thoughts and challenges - always providing me a balanced perspective"

- Matt N.

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