"Great stories of imagination! What an inspiration for kids of all ages..."

- Tom Dorow


What in the world is
Dani Mae thinking about?

In the "Dani Mae's World" adventure series, we are reminded that the imagination of a little girl has no boundaries. Let the adventures begin as Dani Mae seeks out a precious, mysterious gem.

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"Dani Mae's World"

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Dani Mae's World Book 1

Hunt for the Incan Emerald

Book 2
Dani Mae's World Book 2

Cruise Control

Book 3
Dani Mae's World Book 3

Seizing the King's Throne

Book 4
Dani Mae's World Book 4

Mighty Menace of the Seven Seas

Book 5
Dani Mae's World Book 5

Moon Walker

Book 6
Dani Mae's World Book 6

The Great Green Defender

Book 7
Dani Mae's World Book 7

Watcher For The Animal Kingdom

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Dani Mae's World Books

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"Such a poignant affirmation of the power of a child’s imagination! This story inspires in more ways than one."

- Patsy WH, PhD

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