The Good Father Revolution

Author: Mike Mason

"This thought provoking book is full of take aways from real life experiences. You’ll find yourself not wanting to put Do Dads down until finished!"

- John I.

Do-Dads Cover

Do Dads:
The Good Father Revolution

Fathering is excellent!
Do-Dads, The Good Father Revolution clearly illustrates the crucial role Fathers have on their children, their families and their communities. The detriments of absentee or abusive Dads are horrendous and Do-Dads clearly directs Fathers toward the path of personal growth, self-evaluation, healthy relationships, deep involvement with their kids, and even mentorship with other Dads.

The trials, tribulations and success stories from the author’s experience in working with Dads for over ten years offer both clear warnings and great examples to Dads of all sorts. Do-Dads gives the reader both the tools and the encouragement to become a better Father…no matter what!

Whether you are a well-equipped, seasoned pro at Fathering or a Dad who is down on his luck and needs a boost, this book is for you. If you work with or know a Father who could benefit from some relative perspective, tools and examples to help step up his parenting game, this book is also for you.

"The theme of hope is sprinkled throughout the book and I am hopeful that this book will be one more tool for father figures everywhere to improve the lives of the children and young adults who need them!"

- K

Do-Dads Cover


The Good Father Revolution


"This book is dedicated to all the Dads who want to do it better, no matter their circumstances.  This book is also dedicated to allt he great Dads who are also mentors, role models, facilitators, educators to, and supporters of other Dads.  Your are all Do-Das and you inspire me.

Whether you are a Do-Dad or on your path to becoming one, congratulations, as you are part of the The Good Father Revolution."

-Mike Mason

"This is an easy to read, so important guide to the importance of fatherhood. The title is clever but quite apt as the author sensitively guides the reader toward what to do, as opposed to what is often done."

- Tom Dorrow

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