Public Speaking

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Spiders, Clowns & Public Speaking

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Overcoming Fears & Crushing Your Presentation
...with Clarity, Consistency, & Confidence


This 3-hour course is usually broken up into (3) 1-hour sessions.  Some work is to be completed between sessions, with a short presentation as the finale.  

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to deliver a Public Speech (Sales Pitch, Executive Presentation, etc.) with:

  • Less fear and more confidence

  • A solid grasp of all public speech components

  • More impact and inspiration, evoking action or change

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  • Module 1

    Equip yourself with TASER

  • Module 2

    Component of your Script

  • Module 3

    The Power of Nonverbals

  • Module 4

    Presenting in the Digital World

  • Module 5

    Rehearse, Record, Review, Celebrate

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